Girl may make full recovery after dog attack

A two-year-old girl underwent surgery after she was bitten in the face by a dog.The child was attacked by a friend’s Border Collie at a garden party in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, yesterday (Tues). The canine reportedly bit the kid when she tried to catch a tennis ball herself and that others had thrown into the air.The girl had to go under the knife for around one hour at a hospital in the province the same day. Doctors said today she had good chances to make a full recovery, adding that her facial wounds were expected to heal. Staff at the clinic explained she will not be discharged in the coming days.The incident is expected to raise the pressure on political decision-makers to agree on unified regulations as the laws affecting the ownership of dogs strongly vary in Austria’s nine provinces. While some breeds which are widely considered as dangerous are banned completely in some areas, there are no restrictions of such kind in other provinces. Animal owner pressure groups and experts have also criticised the many differences regarding muzzles and leashes.