Austrians should depart Tokyo, ministry says

The Austrian foreign ministry has appealed to Austrians to leave the Greater Tokyo Area.Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, a spokesman for the ministry, said today (Tues) people were well-advised to depart from the region. He said: “It cannot be estimated how the situation will develop after the incidents at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.”Several explosions occurred at the facility which is located less than 300 kilometres from the federal capital of the island state.Launsky-Tieffenthal pointed out that it might get more difficult to leave the area if an increase in radiation is registered there.The ministry official said there was no information on Austrians injured by last week’s earthquake. Between 300 and 500 Austrians were in Japan when the immense quake shook the country.An Austrian Airlines (AUA) plane bringing people wanting to leave Japan to Austria is expected to touch down at Vienna International Airport (VIA) at 6.40pm this evening.