Cash transport robbery in Vienna

Armed robbers made off with hundreds of thousands of Euros when they attacked a money transporter crew last night (Thurs/Fri).The incident occurred in Vienna around 1am. The exact sum cash the trio escaped with is still unclear, according to police. Newspapers, however, speculate that the criminals – who were armed with guns – managed to snatch sealed boxes and special suitcases holding more than 300,000 Euros.The money transporter staff were approached by the masked gang when they filled up a cash machine outside a bank in the Favoriten district.Police are currently trying to find out whether the robbers were informed about the van¬ís route and time schedule. Investigators claim today, there was no evidence that one of the employees passed on information to the gang in advance.Authorities also deny that there were links to the detonation of a cash machine in the same city district earlier this month. The robbers, who are still being sought, made off with a “substantial amount” of cash in the attack, according to the affected bank.