Eviction exposes arsenal

Policemen have discovered 12 handguns while supervising an elderly man’s eviction.Officials in Tyrol announced today (Tues) the weapons were scattered on the floor of the 74-year-old man’s house in a town in the province’s Ziller Valley.Officers, who also confiscated around 2,000 ammunition and three silencers, are currently trying to find out whether the man had a gun licence. The pensioner, who was not put in custody, may be fined or jailed if it turns out that he owned all or some of the weapons illegally.Only a few days ago, a boozed-up pensioner was arrested after policemen discovered several weapons and ammunition at his house in Graz. The police officers tracked down the 72-year-old after he punched a pedestrian, 32, into the face after having ploughed into him with his car.