Pensioner sentenced for stalking

A Styrian pensioner has been given a suspended jail term for stalking.Judges at the Criminal Court in Graz heard today (Tues) how the 62-year-old woman kept sending letters to a man for months.The 67-year-old reported the defendant to the police after she continuously tried to begin a relationship with him after they met in a pub. The man said in court the woman sent dozens of letters and kept pestering him with calls for a long time – but also defaced his car and park benches with offending messages after she realised the affection was not mutual.The accused was ordered to pay a fine of 480 Euros under the recently introduced anti-stalking law. Judges also decided to speak out a suspended five-month prison term.The woman asked for some days to think over whether or not to appeal the verdict. She said in court: “I’ve had enough of him anyway. He’s a bad person and an alcoholic.”Earlier this year, a court in Graz reprimanded a prostitute for permanently calling her lover.The 44-year-old man went to court to press stalking charges against his girlfriend – a prostitute he met in a nightclub in the city in 2009 – for calling him up to 30 times a day.The woman admitted to judges: “Yes, I used to give him a ring when I felt desire and wanted to hear his voice.”Judges decided not to punish the woman but to issue a two-year trial period in which she must drastically reduce the number of calls instead.