Elderly ‘King of Burglars’ exposed as drug gang boss

An elderly Austrian nicknamed the “King of Burglars” has been identified as the ringleader of a drug-smuggling syndicate.Police in Vienna announced today (Weds) that Erich K., who spent many years in prison on account of hundreds of break-ins, was arrested earlier this week. Nineteen alleged accomplices are facing charges as well, officials added.The 77-year-old criminal is suspected of having organised the transportation of dozens of kilos of hashish and heroin across Europe. Police officers confiscated almost 40 kilograms of drugs at his flat in Vienna.Investigators started observing the main suspect after an anonymous tip-off earlier this year. They found out that he was using the name of celebrated Viennese waltz composer Johann Strauss to rent apartments across the city to hoard and sell the banned substances.Police said the 77-year-old, now in custody awaiting charges, has admitted to some of the charges he is facing.