One in three breast cancer deaths aged between 50 and 69

Almost every third woman who dies from breast cancer is aged between 50 and 69, new figures show.State agency Statistik Austria announced today (Tues) that 510 of the 1,594 women who passed away from breast cancer in Austria last year were members of the high risk group of people at the age from 50 to 69.Various initiatives have been set up over the past years to encourage women of that age to see their doctors for early diagnosis checks. Singer Olivia Newton-John and actress Isabella Rossellini are just two of the many showbiz stars who publicly backed the Austrian Pink Ribbon movement.Statistik Austria also said today that 4,750 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Around 20,000 of the over 35,000 Austrians who are diagnosed with some kind of cancer per year die from the disease, the agency said earlier this year.Figures also show that 12 men died of breast cancer in Austria in 2009.