Toothpick removed from foot after 10 years

Doctors at a hospital in Vorarlberg are accused of suggesting a young woman was mad – before realising they missed a toothpick that had been stuck in her foot for years.The 26-year-old consulted doctors at the clinic in Feldkirch several times to ask for help regarding the agonising pains in her right foot. Doctors decided to x-ray the limb but failed to spot a four-centimetre long piece of toothpick that was stuck deep inside the flesh. Reports have it they claimed the woman was insane and was imagining the pain.The woman accidentally rammed the object into her foot 10 years ago. She managed to remove a part of it. Assuming that it was gone, she forgot about the incident, but was later plagued by serious pain.Doctors eventually discovered the thin splinter of wood during a magnetic resonance (MR) examination earlier this month, according to local newspapers.