‘UFO crash’ concerns rock Tyrol

A spaceship of aliens may have crashed in the Austrian Alps, extraterrestrial life enthusiasts have claimed.The German Central Research Centre for Celestial Phenomena (CENAP) announced today (Weds) that a man spotted a “glowing fireball” cruising across the sky in the Tyrolean Alps around 8.30pm yesterday evening.CENAP said the Austrian could have been witness of an unidentified flying object (UFO) trying to land on earth.The centre quotes the man as saying: “I saw an extremely bright fireball cruising in the sky from east to west. It was much brighter than Jupiter. A long time went by before it eventually disappeared. I think I heard a hissing sound at the end.”CENAP, which is based in the city of Mannheim, has called on other eyewitnesses of the alleged sighting to come forward. The group of hobby researchers did not say whether the quoted witness caught the incident on camera.This comes on the heels of news that an Ukrainian group of UFO researchers planned to build a monument in the memory of aliens who perished while trying to establish contact with humans.Oleksandr Nalysman, a spokesman for the Berdychiv-based group, told local media contacts with alien civilisations were an “indisputable fact”. He said: “We don’t pay enough attention to the fates of visitors from other planets who died on earth.”