Woman fined €7,000 for feeding pigeons

A Viennese woman has been given a 7,000-Euro fine for feeding pigeons with bacon and sweet corn.Neighbours launched legal action against the woman as her activities after thousands of city pigeons to the housing estate in Vienna-Floridsdorf.Judges heard yesterday (Mon) how the 63-year-old provided the pigeons – which are considered as a nuisance by many residents – with several kilos of foodstuff such as fine bacon, sweet corn and expensive bread everyday.Residents of the apartment block claimed that their quality of living immensely decreased because of her actions, as pigeon droppings were soon covering balconies and playgrounds.The verdict, which is not yet legally binding, is unlikely to put the feud to an end as similar complaints have been made in other districts of the city.Viennese decision-makers have been in touch with environmentalists and animal experts for years to find ways to stop city’s pigeon population – estimated at 150,000 – from soaring further.