‘Stupid’ AK boss caught drink-driving

The president of the Salzburg Labour Chamber (AK) has admitted being “stupid” for driving under the influence of alcohol.Siegfried Pichler confirmed newspaper reports that he his driving licence has been taken away after being caught well over the legal drink drive limit near the city of Salzburg recently.”I was simply stupid, I don’t want to whitewash anything here,” he told the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper today (Thurs) – but failed to make clear whether he was referring to being caught or driving after having consumed alcohol.Pichler will be without a driving licence for at least four months. The AK Salzburg boss – who has a chauffeur – will also have to take a re-education course and pay a fine of up to 4,400 Euros.State agency Statistik Austria announced recently that 46 people died in traffic accidents involving drink driving last year. An overall 633 lost their lives on Austrian roads in 2009.