Restaurant boss killed in 300-metre cliff plunge

A 28-year-old restaurant manager died when his car plunged down a 300-metre embankment in Salzburg on Tuesday, police in the province announced today (Thurs).The man was transporting foodstuffs to the eatery located on a mountain near Mauterndorf at an altitude of around 2,000 metres. Police investigations suggest that his vehicle slid down a steep ravine when he tried to reverse it on snowy surface after having unloaded the cargo.The falling car was stopped by a tree. On impact, its driver was hurled through the windscreen window. It is thought that he died on the spot.A search for the businessman was launched the next day after his father informed officials he could not reach him on his mobile.Meanwhile, a 35-year-old Tyrolean construction worker had a lucky escape as his caterpillar fell arpund 60 metres yesterday.The man suffered injuries in the accident at a building site in Terfens near the Tyrolean town of Schwaz. The vehicle was written off.