Disabled woman beats robbers with crutch

A physically disabled pensioner defended herself and scared off would-be muggers with her crutch on Tuesday, police announced today (Thurs).The 70-year-old woman, who has difficulties walking, got out of a car outside a doctors’ office in Vienna’s Floridsdorf district while her carer looked for a parking lot.Two people – a man and a woman – approached the elderly woman offering to help her up the stairs to the surgery before they tried to snatch her handbag.But the duo did a runner when the plucky pensioner started to defend herself with her crutch. Police are searching for the offenders.This incident comes just days after an Upper Austrian widower, 81, fended off two attackers armed with knives after they asked her to hand over all her belongings at a cemetery in Linz.The woman, who was busy tending her deceased husband’s grave, scared away the criminals by beating them with a garden hoe.