Vienna officials sick 20 days per year

Vienna’s officials are sick 20 days a year, the Austrian People’s Party ÖVP has said.The ÖVP has blamed mobbing and bad working environment in offices for the high amount of sick days.”To work for the city of Vienna makes you sick,” ÖVP representative Wolfgang Ulm said during the current Viennese election campaign.”Public officials in Lower Austria are sick 14.1 days per year on average, in Upper Austria it is 13.6 days and in Salzburg only 9.9 days per year,” he said, adding: “This costs the city of Vienna and the Viennese tax payer 50 million Euros every year – money that is missing in other places.”But the Austrian Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) representative Franz Ekkamp said the comparison was false: “The city of Vienna offers services that are private or covered by voluntary organisations in other communities, for example firefighters, street cleaning, ambulances and hospitals.”Ekkamp recommended the ÖVP added the sickness days of these groups to those of public officials in Salzburg to be able to make a serious comparison.Social Democratic Union representatives have accused the ÖVP of maligning Viennese public officials to gain politically in the Viennese elections which will be held this year.