High Court ups term for man trying to throw lover off cliff

A deranged Carinthian man who tried to throw his lover off a cliff has had his jail term extended.The Federal High Court (OGH) announced yesterday (Weds) that it had decided to increase the initial sentence. Klagenfurt provincial court sentenced the 40-year-old local to 10 months in prison, with another 20 months suspended. But the OGH now overruled the initial verdict, deciding he must serve the full 30 months.OGH judges had to deal with the case after the Klagenfurt provincial court passed it on as both the state prosecution and the defendant’s lawyer appealed the verdict.The accused forced his 44-year-old lover into his car to drive to an observation platform on the region’s Dobratsch mountain. The woman claimed he had told her of plans to kill himself while she watches on but then he started to attack her. She suffered serious bruises and managed to flee in the incident which occurred on Easter Monday of last year.An expert said the defendant had suffered from “severe depression” at that time. He informed judges that the offender had been treated at the psychiatric department of a Villach hospital after one of his sons had been expelled from school.