Austrian glaciers are shrinking

Environmental alarm bells are ringing as the vast majority of Austria’s glaciers shrunk last year.Andrea Fischer of the Austrian Alps Society (OeAV) said today (Fri) studies have shown that 91 per cent of the country’s glaciers diminished in size in 2009.Fischer said the Niederjochferner decreased most drastically by 46 metres, followed by the Kesselwandferner (minus 44.4 metres) and the Marzellferner (minus 42.3 metres). All three mountains are situated in Tyrol’s Ötz Valley.Seven further Ötz Valley glaciers shrunk in 2009, the expert added.Fischer explained 85 of the 93 Austrian mountains the OeAV had monitored last year diminished in size, while just one grew. She stressed that, in comparison, four mountains had increased in size in 2008.OeAV experts have supervised weather developments in the Alps for 119 years.