‘Voodoo terrorists’ nicked

A married couple and a Graz man who used voodoo to terrorise a family in Abtissendorf in Styria¬ís Graz-Umgebung district have been arrested.Police said today (Fri) they had traced threatening SMS messages sent from the married couple to the family.The husband, 46, his wife, 23, and an accomplice, a 46-year-old Graz man, were arrested and police found illegal weapons when they searched their apartment.The couple had befriended the victims who then fell out with them after beginning to feel threatened because of their alleged voodoo charms.The three began to harass the family in Abtissendorf sending blood-smeared photos of themselves and putting bloody-wooden stakes and a slaughtered animal outside their house. They also put a dead chicken in their courtyard.The family, a 52-year-old Bosnian, his 38-year-old Slovene wife and their 10-year-old daughter, said that they had no idea who was behind the sick campaign but said a man whom they had surprised in their courtyard one evening had screamed “more blood will flow” before fleeing.They also found a bloody wooden stake driven into the ground and surrounded with candles with a photo of the father with a needle through his heart.