Blackjack and yoga for Lady Gaga in Vienna

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has spoken about her European inspiration.The American singer – who performed to 12,000 enthusiastic fans at Vienna’s Stadthalle last night (Thurs) – said today (Fri): “Vienna influences me immensely. I would lie on my hotel bed writing poems during my last visit in 2009. I also designed concert stage settings at that time. I never felt more inspired ever before!”The award-winning singer spent two days in a Viennese recording studio to work on new material while touring the continent.Asked by newspaper Österreich whether her upcoming album “Born This Way” will feature songs recorded in the Austrian capital, she said: “No, but it will include some tracks I produced in Amsterdam. This city also has a very special inspiration to me.”Lady Gaga spent several hours playing Blackjack in a casino in the city centre Wednesday night before chilling out ahead of her performance the next day doing yoga at a studio in the Lugner City shopping centre.Asked for her secret to success, the singer – who was accompanied by her boyfriend Luc Carl in Vienna – explained: “I’m the only star in the world right now who manages to combine music, sex and art and take it all to a higher level. (…) I’m the biggest star in the world!”The 24-year-old added: “Not just one song, but all my albums are hits. (…) I’m a piece of art myself. I don’t stick to the rules of the society but to my own.”Asked whether she considered herself as sexy, the singer – real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta – said: “Not sexy, but pretty. I’d love to go out on a date with me were I a boy. But many fear me, thinking I’m too dominant and self-confident.”Speaking to Österreich, Lady Gaga also confirmed claims that she came up with her artist’s name after listening to “Radio Gaga” by Queen.”I love (late Queen singer) Freddie Mercury. He reconciled theatre and pop! Whenever I sat at home alone and sad, Freddie gave me strength.”Lady Gaga went to the same school as hotel chain heiresses Paris and Nicky Hilton. Asked what they were like as teenagers, the New York-born singer said: “Very, very boring. Well-behaved and neat. Plain. A total contrast to myself.”Lady Gaga, who stayed at Vienna’s five-star Hotel Imperial, will continue her Monster Ball tour with two gigs in Zurich, Switzerland, and a concert in Czech capital Prague. Performances in Italy, Spain and other countries are to follow.Lady Gaga was recently stalked by an obsessed Russian student, according to a news reported earlier this week that Anastasia Obukhova has been warned by a court not to come within 500 metres of the star after sending her chilling letters.”I want to die – and I want to die together with you,” the 26-year-old wrote to the singer.