Culinary offers in southern Burgenland

Thirty Burgenland-based culinary and agricultural establishments have opened their doors to Austrians and tourists with the motto “Come to Paradise and enjoy yourself”  for this year’s Enjoyment Days.

Enjoyment Days is a celebration in southern Burgenland of all things culinary and the  now annual event is well established in the Burgenland calendar, and attracts visitors from all over Austria – and all over the World.

On the 19th and 20th of May, many shops open for business. The businesses range from beekeepers and fruit-growing farms through to breweries.

Jürgen Hagenauer, leader of the “South Burgenland – a Piece of Paradise” association that organises the event, said: “Costs and getting to know the producers are both emphasised during the Enjoyment Days. This is the ninth year in a row that we organise this event, and we want to introduce our wares and the producers behind them.”

Thousands of visitors circulate Burgenland at this time every year, and for every year more tourists visit.

This year, electric bicycle routes have been set up for those who want to discover the culinary treats and the nature of Burgenland on the road.