Schlecker successor Dayli still in need of investment

It is thought talks are currently taking place between “dayli” owner Rudolf Haberleitner and a polish cosmetic manufacturer on possible investment to save the future of the Schlecker-successor.

Rudolf Haberleitner said the time was ticking and that he would have to start administration proceedings if an investor did not show up this week.

There will be no case of insolvency however, as “dayli” does not owe money to any banks.

Any debts towards suppliers are also said to be covered by the level of stock.

The “dayli” boss was unable to get a loan from any Austrian bank. Haberleitner stressed that the company should able to pay the employees’ wages and the holiday pay this month.

A decision should be made during the day as to whether the payments can be made considering the lack of liquidities.

The cosmetic retailer chain has 783 stores in Austria and 400 stores in Italy and Poland.

According to boss Rudolf Haberleitner, there are still 3,000 people employed by the company in Austria – 1,000 abroad.