Saubermacher rumoured to acquire AVE

Styrian waste management and recycling firm Saubermacher Dienstleistung-AG reportedly wants to  acquire Upper Austrian waste management firm AVE, a subsidiary of Upper Austrian energy provider Energie AG Oberösterreich (EAG).Business magazine trend reported the news today (Mon), but EAG General Director Leo Windtner said the report had no basis in fact.He said: “AVE’s continued consolidation is our priority. We are on the way to reaching our desired goals within two years.” He added that AVE was considering the acquisition of Styrian waste management company UEG, which went bankrupt in February.AVE’s turnover of 411.7 million Euros in 2008 declined to 397.5 million Euros in 2009, but all firms in the sector had been negatively affected by recession, Windtner noted, adding that a competitor that had told the media it was interested in AVE was hardly a potential cooperation partner.He added: “AVE is basically better than other firms in the sector, is once again number one in Austria after a difficult period and is expanding into Eastern Europe.”Trend quoted Saubermacher chief Hans Roth as saying that the acquisition of AVE would be the highlight of his life’s work.Saubermacher would become Austria’s largest waste management firm if it acquired AVE following its takeover of Rumpold for 65 million Euros in 2006, the magazine added.Saubermacher, founded in 1979, had turnover of 246 million Euros and 3,700 employees in 2009.