Children-free hotel in Tyrol

Along with hotels for people with children or hotels for dog-lovers there are also hotels that are only dedicated to adults. Posthotel Achenkirch in Tyrol (Western Austria) focuses on guests without children under the age of fourteen.

Since children have been banned from the hotel, there is no longer noisy splashing in the pools and the hotel has become quiet. It was a brave step of Posthotel Achenkirch to ban children as people were outraged about it at the beginning.

Karl Reiter junior, the head of the hotel, said that they were strongly criticised and sometimes insulted as being anti-children.

For several years, the hotel had tried to separate areas for children and quiet zones for adults. However, this did not make guests completely happy either as they had to compromise a lot.

In the first two years after the hotel had banned children, they lost a third of the guests. Therefore, the management reduced the number of beds from 390 to 300 and invested into comfort and luxury.

Karl Reiter junior is also father of a one-year-old daughter and will soon become a father again.