St Patrick’s Day in Austria

The weekend’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations proved a great excuse for Austrians to indulge in one of their favourite past times – enjoying a good beer.

Pictured are revellers Florian Wetsch and Tobias Keil who were among those that enjoyed the music from the group Cellarfolks .

Olli Becker, violinist Katharina Breit and Jörn Isaksen offered with their unique Irish tunes a good evening for guests at Stiegls Brauwelt in Salzburg.

Every year on 17 March Austrians enthusiastically joining celebrating the Irish patron saints official day.

He was reportedly the first Christian missionary to Ireland.

In Austria beer missioners Martina Fahrner and Tamara Walchhofer and brewery master Markus Trinker celebrated St Patrick’s Day with the beer of the month – specially brewed dark Extra Stout, commenting that an Irish evening without the special beer would be no fun.

As far as Jasmin Heisig and Hannah Lindermayer were concerned – that strategy was certainly a bulls eye.