Stronach tempts another BZÖ politician


A councillor from the BZÖ has changed his political allegiance to join “Team Stronach”. The newlyformed political party set up by Austro Canadian multimillionaire Frank Stronach has poached many politicians from rival parties but the BZÖ has suffered particularly badly from losing its members. The latest desertion is of Michael Schabernig, aged 30. Announcing the […]

Suspended jail for husband that killed wife in avalanche

General News

A husband has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after he set off an avalanche in which his wife subsequently died as they were on a ski tour in Obertauern, Austria in winter 2010. The court in Linz, Austria, yesterday found the 65-year-old guilty of the charges after deciding he had set off the avalanche. […]