Pühringer leads trust index


Josef Pühringer, the governor of the province of Upper Austria, is the most trusted People’s Party (ÖVP) politician. A new poll by OGM – published in the new edition of magazine profil – lists Pühringer ahead of Economy Chamber (WKO) President Christoph Leitl and Science Minister Karlheinz Töchterle. Leitl has often been rumoured to become […]

Young Austrians shun church, study shows


One in two young Austrians never go to church, a new poll reveals.Public opinion agency Karmasin, who questioned 500 Austrians for the study published by magazine profil – found that 50 per cent of Austrians aged 30 and younger never attend Catholic masses. The firm’s research also shows that 35 per cent of all Austrians […]