Eiswein harvest gets off to a good start in Burgenland

Culinary Guide

Vintners in Austria’s wine making heartland of Burgenland have started harvesting the grapes to make ice wine (Eiswein). The sweet dessert wine from the region which is now sold around the world is only made from grapes harvested after temperatures fall below freezing and the grapes are completely frozen through. The sugars and other dissolved […]

Stolen artwork arrives in Vienna

General News

By Rebecca Musgrave A valuable artwork has turned up in the Vienna Dorotheum, Austria, almost 10 years after it was stolen. The porcelain relief of Tsar Peter the Great, which was taken from the Ostankino Estate Museum in Moscow, Russia, arrived in the auction house from an unknown seller in France ready to be sold. […]

‘Mozart effect’ a myth, say scientists


Listening to works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart does not make people more intelligent, groundbreaking research by a group of Austrian scientists has found.Researchers at Vienna University said they looked into 39 international studies conducted on the issue in which more than 3,000 people took part.Study leader Jakob Pietschnig said yesterday (Tues): “I recommend listening to […]