New water sports on the Neuen Donau in Vienna

At the end of August Austria’s first man-made wild water trail will open on the Donauinsel as part of the new water sports centre.

The project which cost a total of 3.9 million Euro means that Olympic sports such as rowing and canoeing can take place on the Danube.

The rowing centre is still being renovated and extended.

But on August 30th the centre piece of the works is to be opened.

The man-made wild water trail is the first of its kind in Austria and will give the Austrian Canoeing Association optimal training conditions.

The Austrian Canoeing Association President Walter Aumayr said: “The advantage of a man-made wild water trail is that the water level and the speed it flows can be regulated. This also makes it safer.

The trail is 250 metres long and 12 metres wide and is located near the Steinspornbr├╝cke on the Neuen Donau. The height difference between start and end is around 4.7 metres. The maximum speed is expected to be 15 to 20 kph.

Alongside canoeing Slalom, Rodeo and Rafting can also be carried out.

Aumayr added: “The area will also be ideal for water rescuers to practice and train.

The costs of the new trail are being split between the City of Vienna and the Ministry for Sport.

At the official opening, professional sports people including Kayak world champion Corinna Kuhnle will be in attendance to try out the new facilities.

Kuhnle said: “The area is also suitable for recreational sports fans, for example for people wanting to get their first insight into rafting.

Aumayr added: “There will also be space for viewers, we will be building a stand with space for 10,000 viewers.”