Ski Area to be expanded by new connection lift

From Autumn 2013 a new cable car will be in use in Wagrain in the Pongau which will connect the town’s two ski resorts.

Two weeks ago the construction work for the 14 million Euro project began after four years of planning.

The new ski lift will transport 130 people at a time two kilometres to the other side of the ski region in just six minutes meaning winter sports fans will have a bigger ski region connected.

Up to 1300 winter sports fans will be able to criss the valley per hour.

Cranes, carry ropes and people are carrying the equipment up the mountain. The foundations have to be anchored up to 16 metres below ground.

Josef Viehhauser, from the Si Lift Association in Wagrain said: “We hope to attract more winter sports fans with the installation of this new ski lift. I think it will really increase the popularity of the whole region.

Up until now winter sports fans have had to rely on ski buses to connect the two skiing areas.