Austrian swim hopeful Rogan disqualified

Austria’s swimming Olympic hopeful Markus Rogan has been disqualified from the the 200m Individual Medley swimming semi final at the London Olympics.

Rogan, 30, was disqualified due to a technical mistake during a turn.

This disqualification signalled the end to Rogan’s appearance in the Olympics and possibly the end of his swimming career.

Earlier this week theĀ  Austrian star made headlines after claiming: “I think it is a big advantage for sportsmen when they are not too intelligent.”

“There is a good reason good sportsmen do not have too much going on in their heads. This helps them keep their mind free.

“I think if you have to much brain power it becomes a hindrance,” he added.

He personally targeted Austrian ski legend Hermann Maier, saying: “Maier has the right amount of brain power to be a success in sport. I think if you have to much brain power it becomes a hindrance.”

Rogan – who says he abstains from sex before and during competitions – says most athletes can’t wait to get physical after they’ve performed.

“Most sex happens after the athletes compete. Before that people are so concentrated – but afterwards people are much more relaxed,” he explained.

Rogan has however since apologised for his comments claiming: “The comments were blown out of proportion. What I actually said was that a sportsmen is at his best when they can empty their head at just the right moment. I admire Hermann for continuously managing to do this. I would love to be able to do that.”