Jasmin Ouschan opens billiard training camp

Austria’s world champion ballplayer Jasmin Ouschan has helped fund an international billiard centre in her homeland.

The 26-year-old who has almost superstar status for her skills in America and Asia but is less well-known in her ski loving homeland said that she hoped to make the sport more attractive to her Austrian countrymen.

She started learning with a miniature table but was desperate to be practising on the full-size tables and began by using a wooden box on the table in the guesthouse run by her parents so she could reach the right height.

The new competence centre has been opened at the Klagenfurt Sportpark in the Siebenhügelstrasse and aims to offer the optimal conditions for players and the sport. Facilities include a video system to help players analyse their moves and included a 70,000 Euro investment from the start.

There are also fitness rooms offering players the chance to do the best exercises to help keep them on the ball.

The tables are also positioned so that disabled players can take part in the sport.

It was also partially funded by the city and the region. She said as well as making it more popular to her countrymen she also wanted to bring other international media players to the area.

Jasmin Ouschan is winner of one of numerous European titles in the sport and was also world champion and has five times been voted Corinthian sportswoman of the year.