Tyrol lowest regional unemployment level in EU

In comparison to European regions, Tyrol and Salzburg have the lowest regional unemployment. Most unemployment occurs in the regions of Spain and Greece.

Tyrol and Salzburg registered an unemployment rate 2.5 percent each in 2012. This was followed by four regions in Germany with 2.7 and 2.9 percent. Upper Austria and Styria are also among the first ten (2.9 and 3.2 percent).

53 out of 270 regions had an unemployment rate of fewer than 5.2 percent, which is half of the EU-27 average. 22 regions in Germany, seven regions in the Netherlands, five regions in Great Britain and four regions in Belgium are among them.

In contrast, 25 regions had a rate of over 20.8 percent, which is double the EU-27 average. Eleven regions in Spain, ten regions in Greece and four French overseas departments are affected.

The worst rate was registered in Spanish regions. 38.5 percent of the population in Ceuta was unemployed, followed by 34.6 percent in Andalusia and 33.0 percent in Extremadura and Canarias.

The EU statistics authority “Eurostat” stated yesterday (Wed) that the Greek region Dytiki Makedonia had an unemployment rate of 29.9 percent.

The unemployment rate of women was slightly higher than the rate of men (10.5 compared to 10.4). The lowest rates were registered in Freiburg, Germany (2.7 percent), followed by Salzburg, Tyrol, Oberbayern and Oberfranken (2.8 percent).

The unemployment rate of men ranged from 2.3 percent in Tyrol to 33.6 percent in Andalusia.

Tyrolean Governor G√ľnther Platter stated that Tyrol would keep pursuing the aim of full employment. Apparently, it was important to establish a “state job councillor” in the government.