15 minutes free parking instead of 10

The 15-minute parking ticket will replace the 10-minute parking ticket in autumn. The only alternative is to buy your parking ticket with your phone. A parking clock does not protect you from a fine.

The coalition of SPÖ and the Green Party in Vienna has decided to introduce a new free 15-minute parking ticket. It will be issued starting in September.

The problem with parking clocks is that you cannot set them to a precise time. Parking inspectors will only accept the new 15-minute parking ticket from 1 September.

However, it is possible to use up the 10-minute parking tickets or to get a ticket on your phone.

The government of Vienna stated that the effort of producing new, precise parking clocks is not worth it. Towns outside Vienna have their own regulations of short-term parking.

For example, there are parking ticket machines and a phone application for paying for parking fees in Mödling, Lower Austria.

The whole centre of Purkersdorf (Lower Austria) is a short-term parking zone. You have to set your parking clock in order to park for free for two hours.

A phone app also works in Klosterneuburg. The programme automatically recognizes whether you are in a fee zone via GPS.

The prices for the remaining short-term parking tickets will remain unchanged. It costs one Euro for half an hour of parking, and four Euros for two hours. The prices increased significantly in March 2012.