Fraud probe over school registration

The judiciary is still dealing with fake registrations of students in Burgenland. Students were registered as residence in several municipalities in order to stop the closing of schools. New charges have now been filed.

The public prosecutor’s office of Vienna has now made further charges against the mayor of Deutsch Schützen, Franz Wachter (ÖVP), the former mayor of Moschendorf, Peter Schlaffer (ÖVP) as well as against the village head of Eberau, Walter Strobl (ÖVP) and against the former vice mayor of Eberau, Helmut Temmel (ÖVP).

Employees of the municipality must also go to court. This relates to the suspicion of a misuse of office following the fake registration of Hungarian school children.

The next trial will take place at the beginning of June. The ex-mayor of Kittsee, Klaus Senftner (SPÖ) will be on trial. The former mayor of Andau, Matthias Gelbman (SPÖ) will also be charged. The trial against the former primary school principal of Rotenturm has been delayed.

The public prosecutor’s office is still investigating the mayor of Deutschkreutz, Manfred Kölly (Liste Burgenland) and the ex-mayor of Siegendorf and current president of the state parliament, Gerhard Steier (SPÖ).

The former mayor of Lockenhaus, Werner Brenner (SPÖ), the mayor of, Pama Josef Wetzelhofer (SPÖ) and the district governor of Güssing, Johann Grandits, have all been charged with misuse of office.