Greens want public opinion poll on tax question

The Green party wants a public opinion poll in the current tax debate.

The Green’s spokesperson Werner Kogler said at a press conference today (Fri) that a public opinion poll was necessary to end “red-black stagnation” meaning SPÖ and ÖVP.

Furthermore the Greens demanded polls on abolishing mandatory military service and an anti-corruption law. The Greens themselves are in favour of taxing property and inheritance above 500,000 Euros and partly lifting privileges of foundations.

Kogler called the ÖVP “the patron saint of the super-rich” and said that the SPÖ would hide behind them trying to pass the buck to the ÖVP.

The SPÖ would only “try to collect PR points” by advocating a millionaire’s tax. Kogler added that it was evident that this was not a serious option for the government in the first place since it currently only employed a working party instead of a real tax reform panel to work on the problem.

Kogler concluded that the whole tax debate was just “political staging”.