Hackers eye up next possible victims

An internationally operating group of hackers who attacked the websites of two Austrian parties may soon strike again in the country.

The Austrian department of Anonymous has asked via Twitter: “So who’s next? ÖVP? Grüne BZÖ?”

The group invaded the internet representations of the Social Democrats (SPÖ) – who form a coalition with the People’s Party (ÖVP) on federal level – and the Freedom Party (FPÖ), an opposition party, last week. The hackers also forced the SPÖ branch in St. Pölten to take its homepage offline.

The federal SPÖ reacted by making clear it was considering launching legal action against Anonymous. The party explained it could not explain why its website was targeted, arguing that the Austrian Social Democrats have been fighting the influence of wealthy speculators and businesses.

Anonymous explained they picked the FPÖ due to its “xenophobic” policies. The group said in a statement published on the internet they wanted to make the party of Heinz-Christian Strache feel what it is like to be deported.