Kennedy says Obama did ‘excellent job’ over oil spill

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed Barack Obama has done an “excellent job” in reacting to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.The environmental law expert said at a business event in Vienna last night (Weds): “I’m convinced Obama will succeed with his plans of stepping on new ground in energy and climate issues. He did an excellent job overall so far.”Kennedy – son of assassinated Democratic Senator Robert F. Kennedy – also accused “some American media” of unfairly treating the US president over his decision-making.”Obama is trying to free America from the chains of depending on oil,” Kennedy said, adding that his predecessor George W. Bush was to blame for the current drama.He claimed: “(George W.) Bush’s administration was the worst in the history of the United States.”Kennedy’s accusations come days after former head of the US Democratic Party Howard Dean told Austrian magazine profil: “The truth is that the president (Obama) can’t do much about it (the oil spill). George W. Bush’s people allowed this drilling platform to be built. If Obama made a mistake then it was his failure to fire these people sooner. But you are being made responsible of all kinds of issues when you’re in office.”Kennedy further explained China realised those investing in renewable energy today will massively benefit from such efforts in the future.The book author said China – regarded as having all chances to become the most powerful economic force in the world in the near future – has started to focus on setting up solar and wind energy plants to reduce its carbon emission index.Kennedy said the USA were “not ready yet” for such a change in environmental policies. “All Republicans and many Democrats in states with a strong coal and oil industry are in the clutches of these firms,” he claimed.He criticised many people would regard a withdrawal from fossil energy trade as a “job killer” instead of stressing such a move’s chances.Austrian Greens boss Eva Glawischnig meanwhile appealed on the government coalition of Social Democrats (SPÖ) and the People’s Party (ÖVP) to stop all business-making with the oil industry as a consequence of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.Frank Stronach, founder of  Canadian-Austrian car parts maker Magna, hit the headlines recently by announcing he was ready to invest around 65 million Euros (78 million US dollars) into the development of an own E-Car model.Dean claimed the Austrian province of Styria had chances to become the “electric cars capital in the world”.