Injured hiker keeps 75 busy in Salzburg

Seventy-five firemen took part in a five-hour search operation for a slightly injured hiker in Salzburg today (Weds).Local authorities said the man called for help after falling down a ravine at the Kapuziner mountain close to the city of Salzburg. They said the search lasted around five hours as the 58-year-old gave wrong information about his approximate location.Rescuers said they eventually tracked him down by tracing his mobile phone after failing to establish a connection several times.A spokesman for the rescue service said the man had suffered a minor knee injury. He is recovering in a local hospital.The body of 66-year-old Vorarlberg man was discovered at the bottom of a cliff four days after going missing at the skiing and hiking resort of Lombardy, Italy.More than 100 people volunteered in searching for the man after managers of a campsite in the town of Piurlo informed authorities after he failed to return from a day’s hiking trip.