Fast Food for Lent

An invigorating and healthy soup and a baguette with spreads was offered by top cook Johanna Maier together with her son Tobias and husband Dietmar to the delight of guests who joined her to celebrate the traditionalĀ  Lent Soup Event organised by the Catholic women’s movement.

Guests who turned up at the St. Peter monastery including Archbishop Alois Kothgasser were served by Anika Lautersbacher, Josef Hafner and Carina Habersatter from the Obertrum technical College.

Organiser of the event Gabi Treschnitzer, Caritas director Johann Kreuzeder and Gernot Pauser also enjoyed the food on offer.

Likewise brewing couple Alessandra and Dieter Kiener enjoyed the soup together with Cornelia Schmidjell, vice mayor Harald Preuner and Claudia Schmid, regional governor Gabi Burgstaller and Martin Panosch who discussed what the best meals were to have during Lent.