Beckham leaves after salad snub

Victoria Beckham stormed out of a restaurant after her special request fell on deaf ears.

Elisabeth Sereda, the Hollywood correspondents of Austrian showbiz magazine Live, revealed that the ex-Spice Girl and her entourage stood up and left after a waiter denied her wish for a salad as offered in the menu but without onions.

Sereda writes today (Fri) that the singer, actress and model stood up and left when the waiter suggested another salad on offer which featured no onions. He explained to the wife of football star David Beckham that special requests were generally rejected at the eatery.

The Austrian journalist also revealed that the group of people accompanying Beckham at the restaurant in Hollywood, Los Angeles, included Gordon Ramsay. The British TV chef – stunned by the waiter’s decision to snub Beckham’s wishes – told the man he would never reject any kind of special requests at his own restaurants before walking out himself, according to Sereda.

Sereda caused a stir by telling the Austrian Times in an interview that she once walked out on Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts during an interview. “I don’t want to speak to her ever again. She kind of leads the ‘league’ of those superstar actors who have nothing to say,” Sereda explained in the feature article published in 2009.

The reporter revealed more ugly truths about some of the biggest names in showbiz speaking to the Austrian Times. She said: “Jennifer Lopez is the most bland person you can imagine.”

“And I once stood up and left while interviewing Hilary Duff, that talentless little girl. The whole occasion was just hilarious. She had three bodyguards with her, and one of them said at one point the interview was over as he didn’t like a question.”