Pet cemetery plans in Vienna

Vienna is to get a pet cemetery, it has been announced.Social Democratic (SPÖ) Councillor Ulli Sima said today (Thurs) that the city’s first burial site for animals will be set up near the Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof) in the Simmering district. Sima said residents will be able to hold funeral processions for their deceased pets at the new cemetery from November.The cemetery will give citizens the opportunity to bury their dead animals’ remains in urns or the whole bodies in coffins. The new site will cover 2,500 square metres. The pet cemetery will also feature a building in which mourners can visit their deceased pets to say a final farewell before they are buried.Sima also said today that the city’s pet crematorium – which is located near Albern harbour on the Danube and in a bad condition – will be replaced with a new complex in the coming months.A new headquarters for the city government-owned Bestattung Wien undertaker company is currently also being erected at Zentralfriedhof. Planners explained they will use the heat created by cremations carried out at the adjacent crematorium to heat the 30-million-Euro facility.