Fake undercover investigator nabbed

A fake policeman tricked at least three people into financially supporting his supposed fight against drug crimes.The German man was arrested in a hotel in Salzburg after two of his victims reported him to police when they realised what was going on. One of the victims lost around 10,000 Euros, according to police in Innsbruck, Tyrol, where the man now faces a trial.Officials said three people paid thousands of Euros to the man after believing his claims, adding that dozens more could have fallen for the scam. The crook told his victims he was working as an undercover investigator aiming to crack down on prospering drug trade in the Austrian province of Tyrol.The arrest comes just days after a man wearing a jacket saying “Polizei” in large letters on the back persuaded a supermarket worker to hand over the day’s takings.The man, who is wanted by police, told the 19-year-old Billa employee that he had information about a planned robbery. The employee did not dare to ask back, but handed over the money – several thousand Euros – to the conman who entered the store in Vienna-Donaustadt through its delivery entrance.