Laptop surfing share soars

Two thirds of Austrians surfing the internet do so on laptops, a survey has shown.State agency Statistik Austria said today (Weds) that 67 per cent of households with internet access are logging on to the World Wide Web on laptops and notebooks. Fewer than one in three (27 per cent) said the same five years ago when the majority used personal computers (PCs).The agency also said around three in four households contacted for the research had access to the internet.Meanwhile, federal police chiefs identified online crimes as the dominating threat of the near future.Federal Crime Office (BK) chief Gerhard Lang said the number of internet fraud and other cyber crimes has soared from just 22 in the first nine months of 2009 to 1,074 in the same period of this year.Lang said he expected the number of stalking offences and fraudulent activities on online community platforms like Facebook to rise further.The number of overall reported crimes in Austria dropped by 9.5 per cent year on year to 385,415 between January and September.