Austrians Europe’s 2nd most eager shoppers

By Rob Hyde

Austrians are the second most eager shoppers in Europe, according to the Society for Consumer Research (GfK).

The figures show that despite fears of a decrease in income, Austrians enjoy shopping more than most of Europe.

In order to compile the data the GfK interviewed 1,500 consumers in 12 European countries, awarding them a point score ranging from minus 100 to 100 depending on their perceived desire to spend.

Whilst the organization gave a score of minus 30 points to Greece and Great Britain, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany secure plus points of 3, 12 and 37 respectively.

The desire to spend in Poland was listed as minus 14, minus 26 in Spain and minus 28 per in Romania.

The most alarming figure, however, was arguably the minus 49 given to Italy, followed by Portugal’s poor score of 43 and France’s score of 42.

The GfK is a 12,000-strong research company which assess retail trends and customer behavior in over 100 countries.