Baroness’ Rottweiler attack leaves boy in hospital

A boy in Burgenland has been rushed to hospital after having been bitten in the head by a Baroness’ two rottweilers.

The nine year-old boy, Adrian-Arne W, had emergency surgery to the ear, after the two dogs being set upon by the two dogs at a Schloss in Bruckneudorf in Neusiedel am See.

The boy and his family were invited into the courtyard by the owner of the Schloss, Carinthinan Baronness Sabine S.

Although he began playing with the dogs, within seconds, he was found lying on the ground covered in blood with both Rottweilers on top of him.

His mother’s boyfriend then appeared and pulled him away from the dogs before they were able to inflict any more injury. 

In an interview with the Austrian newspaper, Heute, the baroness said:

“The boy walked into the yard towards Ares and Attila. Then he began to hop and both of them then jumped up to him. This was a bit too much for the father so he pulled them away. Through this one of the animals must have still been hanging onto the ear.”

In an interview with Österreich newspaper she added: “I am sorry about this. My dog and the boy greeted each other. Through this Are started to panic and bit. Normally he doesnt do anything.”

The boy was admitted to the hospital in Eisenstad where doctors managed to sew his ear back on. He has now recovering at home.