Real estate fraudster sought by police

Police in Vienna have issued this wanted photograph of a man who managed to somehow get a front door key for an empty flat – and then put an advert in to the newspapers offering to rent out for a cash payment of €10,000 upfront.

In Austria although technically not legal or difficult to demand the fierce competition on the property market means that an Ablose or cash payment in advance of taking up a rental contract is often asked for more desirable properties.

This was used by the man who managed to get the front door key for the flat in the Erdberg area of the city which was not lifting as it was due to be renovated.

Offering a low rent the man demanded €10,000 which was paid on the signing of the contract by four of those asked to look at the property. The estate agent that is managing the flat are currently working with police to try and discover how the conman managed to get a copy of the key.

Police did not say how they have managed to get the picture of the man but appealed for anybody who might know who he is to get in touch.

He claims his name was Anton Kosta and anybody who may be able to help police with their enquiries is asked to call Vienna police on 01/ 31310 extension 62 800.