Naked bathers left stranded as cars towed

Naked sunbathers were left completely stark naked after their cars were towed by police on the Donauinsel in Vienna, Austria

Police towed 57 vehicles parked illegally near to the naked bathing area along the Danube river.

Many of the bathers had left their clothes in the car as they went for some all overĀ  tanning and naked swimming.

As some of the bathers noticed the cars being towed they rushed to try and beg for their clothes but they were too late. The cars had already been towed.

Ulrike Volk from Vienna’s MA 48 said: “It is a matter of safety. The police were removing cars blocking entrances. Police warned in May that all entrances and exits should be kept free for emergency vehicles.

Cars blocking exits used by ambulances, police, water rescuers and the fire service as well as cars blocking bus lanes were towed.