Cellar girl had a baby further claims

Cellar girl Natasha Kampusch, 23, had a baby while held captive by pervert Wolfgang Priklopil according to opposition politicians from both the right and the left who are demanding an independent investigation.

Opposition leader Heinz Strache from the FPOe claims police ignored evidence that Kampusch gave birth to Prikopil’s child whilst in the cellar in Strasshof an der Nordbahn in Austria.

He claimed that once she was freed, police and government officials and a host of social workers who failed to solve the mystery have been working to cover up their failings.

Now the Austrian Green Party are also calling for a new investigation. MP Peter Pilz today (Weds) called for the public prosecutors and investigators involved in the Kampusch case  namely Werner Pleischl, Thomas Mühlbacher and Hans-Peter Kronawetter  to be suspended.

“It is absolutely imperative that for the rest of the parliamentary inquiry these prosecutors are suspended. So that they cannot have any more influence on the case.”

He also claimed he was sure the Austrian OeVP would call for another investigation in light of the new evidence.

“The OeVP will sooner or later agree to a new investigation based on this evidence,” said Pilz.

The Greens also claimed vital evidence had been ignored and important investigations were not carried out – and that the parties acted in their own interests and not in the interests of the investigation.

Strache claims to have had access to leaked documents about the investigation and says this included the fact that a curl of hair and a book about child birth and bringing up children which were found in the cellar.

They also report that dogs specially trained to look for bodies found something but it was reported just to have been ‘mouldy wood’ and was disposed of without examination.

However another FPOe MP, Dagmar Belakowich-Jenewein, who is also demanding the case be re-opened, claimed: “They said it was just mouldy wood. But that’s not possible at all. These dogs are so well trained they can differentiate between human and animal remains.”

They claim Kampusch’s baby could have been buried in the garden after she gave birth.

Strache is calling for the case to be reopened saying there were ‘serious flaws in the investigation’ and ‘the whole thing just stinks from start to finish’.

Belakowich-Jenewein also raised the question of “What happened to the child? Where is it now?”

Strache meanwhile branded the public prosecutors who investigated the case as ‘amateurs’ and claimed ‘their old boy network was more important to them than having the courage to find out the truth.’

The FPOe boss Strache also claims the theory about a single perpetrator is completely false. He claims vital evidence form a 12-year-old girl at the time who saw two men in the transit van which Kampusch was seized in was completely ignored.

The girl told recently how the fact she was branded a liar for claiming there were two men had ruined her life, and she had feared for years that the second attacker would one day seek her out to stop her telling the truth.

Opposition party the FPOe claim the investigation was full of lies, cover ups and mistakes. They name the fact that Prikopil’s friend Holzapfel was able to remove things from the house before the house was sealed off and searched was another massive error. They say that vital evidence was removed during this period including computer records and pictures.