Squatters refuse to leave BUWOG residence

By Rebecca Musgrave

Squatters have remained in a private building on Lindengasse, Vienna, despite the threat of eviction from real estate owners BUWOG.

The group of activists, who have now been in the building for almost three weeks, were told that they had to be out by Wednesday at 6pm. Despite this “final deadline” they continue to live in the deserted china factory.

It still remains unclear when the squatters will vacate the building. According to APA, the squatters have assured BUWOG that their “construction and renovation activities” will continue even now the power has been switched off.

BUWOG were keen to reach an agreement with the occupants without coercion however all their other requests have been ignored including appeals to carry out safety checks.

The large building in Lindengasse is intended to be demolished and new flats will be built by BUWOG in its place. The new residents however have other plans and hope to continue the development of a cultural centre called “Epizentrum” where residents live a “self-governing” life.