Pedestrian dies after being hit by car

An elderly woman was hit and killed by a car as she attempted to cross a road.

The 64-year-old local resident wanted to cross a street in Geiersberg, Upper Austria, when she was knocked to the ground by an approaching vehicle this morning (Thurs). She wore dark clothes and did not use a pedestrian crossing, police said, adding that the car was driven by a 24-year-old woman.

The pedestrian died instantly. The motorist was not physically injured but had to be treated for shock. It is unclear whether she would be charged. No information has been given out on whether she was speeding or drunk.

A woman, 72, died in hospital after a head-on collision in Hohenwarth in Lower Austria’s Hollabrunn district yesterday afternoon. The driver of the other car involved, a man aged 38, is recovering.

A 22-year-old man was seriously injured when his car came off the A1 western motorway near Linz, Upper Austria, yesterday morning. He does not possess a driving licence, according to traffic police. A news report has it that the unemployed man was drunk when he got behind the wheel. He was taken to a clinic in Linz.

A man, 22, and an elderly farmer whose age was withheld were injured when a car crashed into a tractor in Steinerkirchen an der Traun, Upper Austria, on Tuesday night.

A 44-year-old woman driver was killed when she hit a crash barrier on the A1 highway near Thalgau, Salzburg, on Tuesday afternoon.

A trainee carpenter, 15, is in hospital after colliding with a 30-year-old woman’s car in Hofkirchen near Wels in Upper Austria on Tuesday afternoon.