SM bar boss admits attempted abduction

A sadomasochism (SM) sex club manager has been sentenced to seven years behind bars for trying to abduct a teenager.

The defendant admitted in court in Vienna yesterday (Tues) to having attempted to kidnap the young woman in 2002 when she was 17. She was waiting for a night bus when the 47-year-old punched her and pushed her to the ground, planning to abduct her. The accused told judges he wanted to rape her at his sex club. He eventually let go of the girl when a man walking his dog noticed what was going on.

The victim’s lawyer asked the court to send the offender to an institution for felons with psychical disorders – an appeal judges rejected. Charges were filed against the man only a few years after the attack occurred although he never denied having carried it out. Prosecutors became aware of the incident when kidnapping checked several cases of that kind registered across the country. They did so after Natascha Kampusch managed to escape her abductor Wolfgang Priklopil after eight years in 2006. Police investigated claims that Priklopil had links to underage porn producers and owners of SM bars.

Roland N. admitted he was “watching out for a thin girl aged around 17 or 18” before asking his then girlfriend to speak to her. He then physically attacked her at the bus stop in Vienna. The main defendant’s ex-lover was sentenced to two years in jail for compliancy. The woman, 28, accepted the verdict. The sentence against her former boyfriend has not yet reached legal status since his lawyer appealed.

Police in Lower Austria announced this morning they arrested a 16-year-old suspected of sexually abusing three women in nearby forests in August. The teenager is accused of hitting his victims with his moped before molesting them. He remains in custody as investigations continue.

A 48-year-old man from the eastern province of Burgenland is accused of stalking and sexually abusing girls and women in Vienna for months. He was caught after a 12-year-old girl called for help when he followed her into the hallway of a housing estate. Police in the city explained they managed to arrest the suspect due to the kid’s precise description of his rare, old car. The man claimed he had a mental disorder and admitted several similar attacks and attempted sexual assaults on females of all ages in the city.